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The Angry Photographer - YouTube's Ken Wheeler

Hello, my name is Ken Wheeler, I’m currently semi-retired and a freelance photographer who does occasional weddings & a great deal of on site portrait work and personally am a macrophile and do a great deal of time exposure light-painting. My youtube channel “the angry photographer” is a place for answering questions without sponsorship and honest gear reviews and recommendations. Ive used or owned ever Nikkor lens made in the past 30+ years as well as a great number of third party lenses. I went to the University of Kentucky for 4 years as a Russian translator, and likewise to Southeast Center for Photographic studies for 2 years, the nations second largest photography school. I’ve shot weddings now for nearly 20 years (hence the angry photographer title), and worked at three camera stores. I worked for the University of Kentucky medical school photography dept. printing and processing. Have shot freelance on and off for the Herald Leader Lexington Ky newspaper. My aim is to give no nonsense simplex tips and tricks advice, and helpful information on a very broad spectrum of shooting, gear reviews and logical recommendations.