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Gearhead Delights


  1. DIYS Modifications

    DIYS aka Do It Yourself Projects - mostly gear modifications
  2. Repair / Camera Care

    This is a good place to discuss the care and repair of your photo gear. You can share Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance, as well as your recommendations for pro repairs. This new forum was created 4/1/07. PLEASE title your thread wisely, so others searching for a certain make of camera or repair person can find your thread easily!
  3. Classic Camera Repair Forum ARCHIVE

    The much loved Classic Camera Repair Forum needed a new home. All of its knowledge was about to be lost. I had hoped to import it into RFF. Unfortunately different file formats made that impossible. We tried for several month to import it, to no avail. Finally we put it up in archive form. You can read it, but not edit it or add to it. If you wish to contribute, please do so in RFF's Repair Forum. As the files are so incompatible, this sub forum consists of ONE post, which links to the ARCHIVE. I had no other way to place the Classic Camera Repair Forum on RFF's forum menu.
  4. Photo Accessories / Bags/ Meters / Tripods etc

    A place to discuss the delights of photo accessories, including bags, meters, tripods, filters, straps, camera cases, lens hoods, anything non digital that can make your gearhead life a little bit more enjoyable.